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Conroe's Full-Service Bike Shop

Conveniently located just off I45 in Conroe, at 1188 West Dallas Street, Suite C, Race Ready Repair is your local shop growing a friendly community for all cyclists to come together. We offer full service for all types of bicycles. Our staff is here to help you with everything from purchasing the perfect new bicycle, building a custom ride, repairs, upgrades, route planning, group rides, and anything else that goes along with enjoying the ride.

Gary Rogers

Gary Rogers

I found the sport of cycling through my in-laws. I started on a used-two sizes too small Schwinn loaned to me from Mandi’s parents. Ten mile road rides started my addiction to go further. After purchasing my first road bike and doing some charity rides I was hooked. Then I slowly went to the dark side…the dirt is where I belong. I got into racing XC and loved racing my Salsa Single Speed. Then I wanted to meet my lovely bride half way since she stuck to the tarmac so we got a gravel tandem The Salsa Powderkeg. Some of my most memorable rides are with her on that marriage counseling machine. My enjoyment now is the long and grueling ones…where you find your weaknesses mentally and physically and break those barriers. I have raced 6hr…12hr and 24hr mtb races & Leadville 100 pushing my limits. My favorites are the Gran Gravel 500 and any event Mandi is willing to do on the tandem. My ride or die partner!! Mandi and I spent many hours over the years driving to rides/races/events talking about what it would be like to open a bike shop. A giant leap of faith and here we are sharing our passions and growing the cycling community in our area.

Mandi Rogers

Mandi Rogers

I grew up with parents seriously into cycling, but personally was more in love with running as a kid. After years of running and racing and two knee surgeries later, my parents gave my husband and I some bikes and we joined a local club. We both fell in love instantly and since 2003 have been riding every road, trail and pathway we can find. The love of riding for me has cycled through triathlon, road racing, tandem riding/racing with Gary, and now I find myself just out enjoying the gravel roads with friends, an occasional hammerfest and spending time with my two boys cruising the neighborhood. I work full-time for the school district and spend any free time helping the guys at the shop and organizing group rides and events. Hands down my favorite riding routes are the Sam Houston National Forest.

Mike M.

Meet Mike, a true cycling enthusiast with a lifelong passion for bikes. As a teenager in the early '90s, Mike started riding "adult" bikes on his dad's old Schwinn Varsity. He spent countless hours exploring his hometown on two wheels, putting miles and miles behind him.

It wasn't long before Mike saved up enough money to put his first "mountain bike" on layaway at a local bike shop. Though it turned out to be a hybrid, not a true mountain bike, it was enough for Mike to start hitting the flood plains and trails where all the 4X4s went mudding. He soon upgraded to an actual mountain bike, discovering the joys of off-road riding and racing.

Fast forward thirty years and Mike is still as passionate about cycling as ever. He's held multiple careers, but his love of bikes has remained a constant throughout, bringing him back to the bike shops. In fact, Mike even got his first job at a bike shop because of his passion for the sport.

Over the years, Mike has ridden and raced mountain bikes, road bikes, and triathlons, always striving to push himself to new limits. He's also coached athletes and kids - including his own two daughters - in MTB, triathlon, and road racing. Additionally, Mike has volunteered his time to trail stewardship and cycling advocacy organizations, always looking for ways to give back to the cycling community.

Today, Mike continues to work at the bike shop, sharing his passion for bicycles and the sport of cycling with friends and customers alike. Whether it's fixing up an old bike or helping someone find their perfect ride, Mike is always happy to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for all things cycling.

Mike Y

Mike Y.

I started cycling way back in the mid-1980’s as a way to get to swim practice with my friends. After college, I got into triathlons, completing nine Ironman’s, and ultra running. I eventually found my way back to cycling as my main hobby and now enjoy gravel racing, ultra distance events, and bike packing. However, far and away, my favorite ride every week is an easy one hour ride to a coffee shop with my wife of over 30 years, Stephanie. Before joining R3, I spent nearly 25 years in the corporate world, but now consider myself a recovering attorney and aspiring bike mechanic. At the shop, I enjoy working on custom build projects and helping others find the right bike for them and their goals.



Going way back to 2021, I started riding bikes. In part, it had to do with feeling 'older' (getting in your 30s does that to you) and the other part was wanting to find something to do outdoors in this area. Cycling made the most sense to me and as soon as I started, I hadn't stopped! Winding gravel roads are what I call home these days, and getting out to the woods is cathartic and invigorating from the daily grind. My ideal riding includes gravel roads, bike packing, and some crazy routes. Just let me know if you want to ride bikes, I'm game! 

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